Botox And Dysport


There is a difference where you receive BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport at Monterey Dermatology.  Dr. Dannaker, a board certified dermatologist, is a Platinum level BOTOX® Cosmetic provider. This indicates he is among the nation's top 2 percent of administering physicians. More than this, you will have Botox®  or Dysport administered only by Dr. Dannaker, a physician, not a physician extender or nurse.  He can provide advanced BOTOX® Cosmetic injection techniques such as the "BOTOX® Browlift", eyebrow sculpturing, BOTOX® Cosmetic for the lower face such as the lip, neck creases (necklace lines) and muscular chords. Sometimes BOTOX® Cosmetic can be combined with filler injections, such as Restylan'®, to enhance both the effect and longevity. With a simple, in-office injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic, your face can be literally sculpted, without inconvenience or downtime. Dr. Dannaker administers these injections -- they are never delegated to nurses or physician's assistants.  Dr. Dannaker wants you to know that your safety and satisfaction matter most and he is proud of the uncompromising care we can offer you. Our prices are very competitive too.
Dr. Dannaker's actual Patients, not models. *Results may vary

                                 Dr Dannaker's Actual Botox Patient

*Resutls may vary

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